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Hand Painted Mailboxes by   


One of the LARGEST Selections of Hand Painted Custom Mailboxes on the web

    Almost 100 unique designs to choose from! Complete YOUR corner decor with our custom hand painted mailboxes. Hand painted and personalized with your house number.

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flower  mailboxes

flower  mailboxes

lighthouse Mailboxes

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About The Artist

Hello, I’m Sandra Davis.  I have been drawing, painting and creating art since I grew up in the farm lands of Pennsylvania.  I left home when I got married and traveled around the United States (following my husband’s career).  I studied the local art and culture of each of the territories we lived.  As we left each area I felt that I would not find another place with so much beauty...But to my amazement...every new place was as beautiful as the last in it’s own unique way.  Each time we moved I left behind friends and acquaintances with many pieces of my art.  Some of the more memorable are: the pueblo mural in a territorial home in Arizona, the horse and plantation drawings and sketches in rural Tennessee, the sea scapes and sun rises on the coast of Florida, and the Amish folk art in East-Central Ohio. While in a small rural town in Ohio I started painting on terra-cotta pots for a local florist...Boy, the word flies quickly in a small town?  Soon I had hundreds of orders for pots and other unique items. I could hardy keep up!  ...Things only got worse...Orders were coming in from all over the midwest... Now my items can be found in the Historic Roscoe Village, the Shops of Dresden (home of Longerburger Baskets), Sugar Creek Amish Stores, and many other fine stores in the Midwest.  Of course “The Corporate Ladder” has now pulled us to the vast open plains of the Midwest Indiana.  Here in the spring there is a rainbow of greens with all the new sprouts of foliage.  You will see every color in the wild flowers here.  I hope to continue supplying hand painted items for years to come:


  *^^ Sandra ^^*


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Hand Painted hydrangea flower Mailboxes

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Hand Painted Mailboxes









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will make you the envy of your neighborhood!  Each custom mailbox is a hand painted by Artist Sandra Davis.  We have dozens upon dozens of patterns that will spark your creative side to decorate your home.  Flipping through our site, you will find lots of patterns with birds, like bluebirds, hummingbirds, cardinals and more!  We have lots of flowers to fill the blank void of a plain mailbox.  Iris, hydrangeas, daisy, magnolias, and geranium mailboxes are a few of the lovely locking flower mailboxes Sandra's Decor has on display.  For those nautical minded home decor we have wonderful scenes of dolphin mailboxes, lighthouse mailbox and mailboxes, beach mailboxes and palm trees mailboxes and many different types of fish mailboxes.


  • Installing a mailbox that is a painted mailbox, to your corner will add interest and curb appeal to your home and complement your gardening and landscaping.
  • A DECORATIVE mailbox can add a bit of happiness each and every time our customers get their mail.  Instead of a non-descript mailbox, we get spring time flowers or a favorite bird to greet you each time you go to your new mailbox.


Having trouble choosing a postal mailbox?  Where you need a rural or residential mailbox, here are some tips to consider that will help you decide on a decorative mailbox.

  • What’s your favorite color?  Pick a personalized mailbox which main color is your favorite.
  • What’s your favorite flower?   Choose from a large selection of gorgeous flower painted mailboxes
  • What’s your favorite bird? We offer many personal mailboxes which features your favorite birds.
  • What color are the accents on your house? - Choose a personalized mailbox that has coordinating colors with your home’s accents.
  • Our last tip: Check out the page to see all our post mount mailboxes and wall mount mailboxes at once. Which one jumps out at you the most?
  • You can use any of these questions to guide you towards the most rewarding personal mailbox that is best for you!  If you are still at a loss, we can customize a mailbox for you.  See out custom mailboxes page